Consumers are increasingly intrigued by product and service experiences that fulfil their expectations towards sincerity and transparency. To remain a relevant market player on the long-run, companies need to act responsibly and their business strategies need to genuinely embrace aspects such as environmental and social care, every day and in all they do. At INNOTAIN SUISSE we do impersonate these requirements in all our work stream across our activity areas of personalized natural beauty care, wellbeing nutrition & business sustainability.

All what we do is based on the understanding that long-term business success is a consequence of multi-dimensional societal value creation. Treating all partners across the value network equally, based on integrity and respect is fundamental to who we are and what we do.

We care and thus believe in societal business, supporting to master – through constant innovation and collaboration – the many challenges the planet is facing today.

We contribute representing a new Swissness, boosting traditional values of high quality, precision and reliability with modern aspects for success in a fast changing and ever challenging business environment.


Planet 1.0

With our engagement platform ‘planet 1.0’ we re(invest) in aspects that matter for the planet and we invite our partners to follow.


We commit to product, packaging and service solutions respecting the planetary boundaries. we are an active member in the movement to less impactful packaging solutions and to clean our oceans from plastics.


We govern all our ‘planet 1.0’ projects personally, to ensure that all investments are targeted to their purpose.

Our initial ‘planet 1.0’ commitments

  • All our packaging solutions are aligned with the principle of ‘reduce – reuse – recycle’, and by 2020 we only use packaging materials made from non-fossil sources.

  • With ‘TOI soins naturels’ we aim to become the first hair & skin care brand communicating our biodiversity index on-pack.

  • We provide people in challenging life situations a new professional and personal purpose, this through collaborations or employment opportunities in our company environment.

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